Here's a slalom vid from the last two slalom days. You'll need QuickTime 7 which you can download here. Firefox or Safari recommended. Some Explorer users may not see anything. You poor saps can open the vid in another window by clicking here.

It's an 8.8 Meg file, so you might want to download it, unless you've got some smokin' broadband. If you download it you can double the size of the playback window because the QT7 H.264 codec is pretty hot.

Admittedly, QuickTime on Windows would be better called "QuirkTime" so if you need a WMV file (and try joining us in the 21st Century sometime if you do), you can download this vastly inferior (and larger) WMV encoded version here.

Play it loud, and if you're Green Day, and reading this, I love you guys and please don't sue me.